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Founded in 2009. Re-Born in 2017. Walk with us and we'll tell you a story that will chill or thrill you.
A New Zealand publisher based in Japan. 

Richard Lee 

Sci-fi Horror

Richard Lee is a displaced New Zealand writer of the weird, wonderful and grotesque.

Since 2001 he has made an impact on the genre world and thrives within its limitless boundaries. Over seventy short stories have slammed his name on anthologies and magazines across the globe. Five novels impacted humanity and two novellas were the icing on the cake.

He still sends his books out to independent and legacy publishers, looking for that elusive million dollar cheque. 

His latest novel, Scorched Earth, is a wormhole dystopian novel that will blow your mind. 

Dominic Fritzgerald 


Dom prefers the realness of life. His first book with us is a short true account of his battle with his weight, and the secret formula he discovered hidden on a little known website over a year ago. Written as a report this tiny eBook is packed tight with information and what works for him and thousands of others. 
Available where all good eBooks are sold. A paperback version is also at Amazon. Both ePub and AZW versions are available. Click the "more" link to go to his site for direct links. 

Lee Pletzers

Science Fantasy

This native New Zealander lives to write. Now a permanent resident of Japan, he is the author of several speculative fiction novels, short stories and chapbooks and is the editor of seven anthologies.  

He was the New Zealand Rep for the International Order of Horror Professionals and previous editor of Sinisteria horror magazine. 

Clicking the 'more' link will open his old wix site as we work on building his new place here. 

Jessica Wright

Mysteries / Thrillers

Recently, Jess became a mother. A love of Agatha Christie and Castle, she has published a small number of short stories before she discovered she had novels inside her fighting for a way out. We at Triskaideka Books lover her work and we are sure you will too. 

Please hold tight as we build her page and ready her novel for publication.